PC's Jill Dunlop wins in Simcoe North

Published on June 07, 2018

The Dunlop family’s political legacy in Simcoe North began a new chapter Thursday night as Jill Dunlop celebrated her win in the riding once represented by her father.

Moments after arriving at Bonaire Golf Course to a roomful of cheering supporters, Dunlop vowed to advocate for, and eliminate the stigma around the skilled trades, just as Garfield Dunlop did during his time in office.

“They keep Ontario moving and growing and they helped build this province,” she said. “They are a necessary and invaluable part of our daily lives.”

Voters were demanding change when they headed to the polls for this election, Dunlop added.

“We know we can do better and we must do better,” she added.

Garfield Dunlop, who resigned his seat in Simcoe North to allow former Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown to represent the riding, was nearing tears after his daughter’s win.

“I couldn’t tell you how proud we are,” he said. “We all worked so, so hard.”


Dunlop’s win followed an anxious evening in which polls in Simcoe North remained opened for an additional 25 minutes after police ordered a hold-and-secure at schools that served as voting stations due to an incident in Orillia’s North Ward.

“It was fantastic for us to finally see our results,” she added.